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Communicatio in Sacris

Hello, could anyone answer this scholarly question? Does (Catholic or non-Catholic) anyone know the FARC-EP's Stance (or Political Policy) toward the Latin Tridentine Mass...or Old Roman Rite Latin Mass? I know that some Colombian Rebel Movements (FARC, ELN, etc) in the 60s were found, funded, and organized by so-called Catholic priests who some were generals (jefes), is that really the truth? Yes you know, in the 1960s, there was only the good Old Latin Mass before those Conciliar Changes of the Vatican II Council circa 1969 took place. I read that in Communist China, the government of Communists allow a special Church called the Chinese Communist Patriotic Catholic Church to exist (in fact they use it for their political purposes), this sect rebelled from Rome, still they celebrate the Old Latin Mass Liturgy (pre-Vatican II style) with their valid succession of bishops, anyone know about this (anyone from China)? Yet, I admit that, I am not sure does Pro-Chavez Communist Army called the FARC-EP have chaplains (deacons, priests, bishops) like a regular governmental military? Do they have a Seminary? And how about the ELN too, (Padre Torres?), and the various other rebel groups- there are many of them in the montanas? Do these various schismatic groups communicate together for special feasts like Christmas(~Communcatio in Sacris)?

I was wondering if they tolerate Traditionalist Latin Mass Catholic Priests (SSPX, SSPV, CMRI, FSSP)? Also what is their official policy toward the Greek and Russian Orthodox Priests? Do they like Putin's Patriarch Alexis? Someone said they kill priests a lot (and a bishop in Cali), is that really true or a lie?

Frankly, I am a little worried to hear Chavez mentioned in Peace Talks, I read he is involved in the Sin (Betrayal) of Communicatio in Sacris with non-Catholics (like Muslims). Where is Tony Blair in this mess (I hear he likes the Old Latin Mass as he left the Anglican Communion)? I have to tell you, that I am no theologian, actually, I read these matters from a new and brave scholarly book written by a Hispanic-Latino Professor, Dr. DeTucci (I think he studied at Harvard and the Javierana in Bogota, Colombia?), you can browse the book online by going to Lulu Bookstore:


Dear Colombians (and Venezuelans), in my studies, I also read the Liberator Simon Bolivar forbade Non-Catholic Churches in Gran Colombia (and any "Communicatio in Sacris"), is that true? I read this Time Article that confirmed these Bolivarian Laws:


I guess Bolivar was very Anti-Masonic, right? Does Harvard-educated President Alvaro Uribe take a stance on this or is he Indifferent? Or is Uribe under the control of the AUC, or not? I read online that Scholar-Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos of Medellin, Colombia (Bishop Prelate and Vatican Official of the Latin Tridentine Mass Indult Commission Ecclesia Dei--which ironically is trying to heal the Latin Schismatic Rebel Groups formed by the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre of France which extend globally including in Europe and the Americas, now headed by Monsignor Fellay) is actually a secret-Jefe Lord of the Right-Wing AUC, is this true? Further I read he also has helped the M-19 Blocks officially pontificating as their Bishop during the Solemn High Pontifical Old Latin Masses that were held for Medellin and Cali Cartel Families, and of course he must of collected their rich donations or la comienza they call it. Does anyone reading this, or perhaps sharing this, have revealing intelligence on this grave scandal (tell me)? Honestly, I suppose and I guess that this big rumor may be leaking around also (esp. in Caracas) that Hoyos also helps certain Israel/Zionist Programs with financial laundering (washing the dinero) of funds under the guise of Vatican-Church Hierarchy (e.g., the Most Holy Family Monastery's Michael Dimond has been cited by some Bp. Michael Carter as being the Zionist Superior Jefe of this Programe). Further, I saw on television recently (Univision) that Director Oliver Stone (a Socialist) is investigating this whole Latin-Colombian Schism and claims to have the scoop of inside information on Uribe, Hoyos, and Friends to definitely expose them in a High-Budget Documentary that will be released to movie theaters around the world (in Spanish and English). May I guess there is a certain Liberal-Socialist Bishop Jason Spadafore (from Palma de Troya, Spain) involved in the fiasco? I guess so!

Please share this reading and write me if you have something to share.


P.S. Frankly...I also read about Vlad Tepes, a Catholic Prince who resisted the Turkish Muslim Invasion in Romania, he is a national hero to Romania, and he actually died a Roman Catholic! Vlad certainly put fear into his enemies by his strict justice, and his enemies lied that he was a vampire to demonize him. So people can make up stories about people, and call them terrible things, like a terrorist. You can read more here:


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